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Promote on Social media

Create advertisments or promotions, then users of Facebook, Line or Twitter will post it on their timelines. Sharing on all social media platforms by users is more efficient as it appears as personal recommendation, rather than marks advertisment.
Special January offer:
150.00 free credit for new business accounts.

Getting started

1. Register with your email
2. You will receive a login PIN by email
3. After login, look for the link to upgrade to a business account
4. In the upgrade form, fill out all fields correctly as they will be reviewed. If you got refered by an agency, please enter his agencyID in the form as well
5. Your upgrade request will be review and you get notified shortly after approval

Topup your business account

1. Select Topup from the menu and choose an amount.
2. The Topup page will create a reference code and a QR code for payment. Once you paid, send the reference code to with an attached payment receipt
3. You will receive a notification when the topup is completed.

Create an advertisment

1. Click the add new link to create a new promotion or advertisment
2. Design your AD. Upload an image (recommened size 1200x600), write a title and a description, and add a link to your business page.
3. Your AD will be reviewed and activated when approved.
4. You can adjust the pay-per-click bid price any time. The higher the bid, the more people will share your promotion.
5. Optional, you can set a budget or expire date for each AD. If not specified, the AD will use the main budget balance
6. ADs can be paused and restarted by clicking the red/green dots

What's next

1. Members will choose your ad in the system and share it on their social media.
2. Each AD has a static icon to see how effective your AD is
3. Once your balance runs out, all ADs are paused until you topup your balance.
4. ServiceD has an advanced AI to ensure only valid user clicks are counted.
more Videos on ServiceD YouTube channel
TESTING account available:
PIN: 888888