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Get PAID for your postings

Choose a promotion or advertising and post it to your Social Media Timeline of Facebook, Line or Twitter. You can share it to any installed App of your phone, and if friends or followers click on your shared posting, you receive income from that.

Getting started

1. Register with your email
2. You will receive a login PIN by email
3. After login, you see a list of promotions and how much the advertisers pay per click. You can preview an AD by click on it's title
4. Choose an AD to share and after click share you see a selection of your installed Apps. Post it on Facebook feed, LINE timeline, Twitter or any other social media.

After you post

1. Set your social media posting to public for best results
2. When any of your friends or follower click on your timeline post, you receive income
3. Your account will show your earnings and how your posts are performing
4. Be honest. Trying to trick the system by fake or multiple clicks will result in account suspension. Do not tell your friends to click on all your ADs; do not post too many ADs per day on the same social App.

How to get paid

1. When reaching a certain amount in earnings, the system allow you withdraw money
2. The menu option Payout is available when threshold is reached
3. You can withdraw by bank account, PromptPay or Western Union
4. You must provide correct name and Identification (ID or passport) in compliance with local laws
5. You will receive email notification when the transaction is complete.
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